According to a recent article in News Week, purple and blue-hued plant foods are among the most concentrated sources of anthocyanins of any plant-based pick.

What do anthocyanins do?  A lot!  Anthocyanins fight inflammation, provide cardiovascular and anti-cancer benefits, and may keep your memory sharp as you age.  They also help protect against weight gain.  Here are the top 6 picks:

Purple asparagus is less bitter and more nutritious than green asparagus.  Rich in vitamin C, just 5 spears has 20 calories and 4 grams of protein.

     Purple potatoes are equally rich in vitamin C and potassium as white however the purple varieties have 2-4 times the amount of antioxidants.  The pretty spuds also have a positive effect on blood pressure.

Purple cauliflower which is technically a broccoli, is a nutritional rock star!  It contains anthocyanins and potent anti-cancer properties.

Blueberries are tiny treasures with big benefits including heart health, blood sugar control, and mental health & cognition all this along with anti-inflammatory & anti-cancer properties.  They are low calorie, high in fiber and one serving contains about 25% of your daily vitamin C needs.  Frozen blueberries are nutritionally on par with fresh.

     Concord grapes.  A ½ cup of concord grapes has about 30 calories and contributes manganese, vitamin K, potassium, and certain B & C vitamins.  Research reveals that 100% Concord grape juice helps support a healthy heart and may provide mind & memory benefits too!

     Figs.  About 4 fresh or dried figs have 5 grams of fiber & is a good source of blood pressure lowering potassium.  Studies show that dried figs are rich in anthocyanins, and have a strong antioxidant capacity.