The basic legal definition of non profit vs. for profit organizations is as follows:  Not for profits, such as Brothers of Mercy, keep their earnings within the organization to support programs and services for its beneficiaries; whereas a for profit organization distributes Its earnings to its owners or stockholders first, before reinvesting in any organization priorities.

Non profits are driven by service rather than profit.  Part of the Brothers of Mercy mission is “commitment to the pursuit of excellence by providing a supportive, compassionate and healing environment for those we are privileged to serve”

Our values at Brothers of Mercy are guided by our motto “The charity of Christ urges us on.”  It is our pleasure every day to care for the sick, elderly and less fortunate of our community with compassion and a charitable heart.  With our highest priority being the patient or resident of our community rather than the profit of our organization, the level of care is changed for the better.  Our focus is always the health and wellbeing of our community and all within.