MYTH: TOO MANY MEDICATIONS ARE GIVEN TO PATIENTS                                                                                                                                                     FACT: A patient’s quality of care involves properly treating them with medications that can alleviate their pain or illness. However, staffs don’t give medications without a pharmacist’s permission or approval from the patient’s doctor. Each patient has the right to know their medication and say no to its administration. You and your loved one are requested to actively participate during care plan and management meetings so you can voice out your concerns and suggestions about medications and how to medicate them best.

MYTH: ONLY BLAND MEALS ARE SERVED                                                                                                                                                                                      FACT: Skilled Nursing Care facilities provide nutritious and tasty meals too. While it won’t be similar to your accustomed home-cooked taste, centers strive to keep up with everyone’s preferences. Patient’s food restrictions will be taken into consideration. Part of the care staffs is a dietary manager who’ll oversee their nutritional intake. So if you have special concerns for your loved one’s meals, you can directly talk it through with the facility’s dietary manager.

MYTH: STAFF MEMBERS DO NOT TREAT PATIENTS WELL                                                                                                                                                           FACT: Most caregivers and skilled professionals that are involved in the care field have one thing common: they want to help and make a difference in a patient’s life. Their daily duties in a facility are done with concern, compassion and utmost care. They understand that these patients need more than just medical assistance. Quality care, personal satisfaction and social enhancement play vital roles in their recovery and progress too. If there’s anybody who can treat your loved ones well, it’s the staff within a Skilled Nursing facility.

MYTH: RESTRAINTS ARE COMMON AND MAY BE HARSH TO THE PATIENT                                                                                                                              FACT: Physical restraints used to be rampant during decades past, but in today’s modern care approach, they have been eliminated. Arresting your loved ones during their breakdowns and locking them up in an isolated room don’t happen in this century’s Skilled Nursing care.

MYTH: PATIENTS AREN’T VISITED BY THEIR LOVED ONES ANYMORE                                                                                                                                 FACT: Staffs highly encourage patient’s families and friends to visit their loved ones as frequent as they can. However, their inability to see their loved ones is a personal matter: tight schedules, distances, or busy with other personal affair…a lot of factors can play along. To keep up with a family’s absence and a patient’s longing for some familiar warmth, staff members often become substitute family members and friends to patients. Material Source: allcarehhs