I have been asked many questions over the past few years.  “what is life like in a senior community”?  “Do ‘they’ have to live with a roommate”?  Or I’ve heard “It wouldn’t feel like home”.  Well, living in a senior community is just like living anywhere else, it is what you make of it.

First, no, you don’t have a roommate.  A senior community is usually a full apartment of your own.  Think of it as a mini-home.  You have a bedroom, living room, bathroom and even a kitchen and some have a patio or balcony that you can enjoy in the warm months of the year.

You can entertain just as you did at home.  Have your family over for dinner or the grandchildren to spend the night it’s your HOME, do as you wish.  But there are benefits to living in a senior community that you don’t have at home such as:

~A secure building.  Most senior communities have a security man on site and key only access to the building after a certain time of day.

~Fun activities.  If you so choose, there are a lot of fun activities planned throughout the day or shopping trips that you can join in on at little or no cost.

~Transportation.  If you have given up your car and hung up your keys there is always transportation available in a senior community for little or no cost at all.  Most will take you to a doctor appointment, shopping, or to do your banking.

~Worry free.  You don’t have to worry about lawn care or shoveling the driveway in a senior community.

~Most senior communities offer restaurant style dining with one or more meals included in your rent.

~Affordable.  Senior communities are really quite affordable when you break down what you spend each month to keep up a house with taxes, utilities, insurance, etc.  Most senior communities offer all utilities included in your rent.  That’s heat, electric, water, waste management, phone, T.V. and even Wi-Fi now.

To move anywhere at any point in your life is hard to adjust to but it is your mental attitude and open minded approach that will make all the difference.  Living in a senior community can truly be a beautiful thing!