15th Sunday in Ordinary time: July 14

by | Jul 8, 2024 | Brothers of Mercy

The Gospel is challenging.  Jesus sends the Apostles out two by two with no money!  How will they survive?  Well, the people they visit will take them in and take care of them.  So, they have to radically trust in God’s providence.  Although today, we don’t go out two by two door to door and stay at people’s houses for extended visits, we are still called to consecrate all that we have to God’s purpose.  Anything we have is not ours but for everyone and God’s purpose.

Second, the Apostles are called to share the Christian message but to leave if it is not accepted.  Today, we must do the same thing.  The most powerful way to share the Christian message is to live it.  We must love others with all our hearts.  But also, we are called to verbally share that message too.  However, we shouldn’t force that message on those who are not ready for it.  For them, we must pray that, at a later time, they will be ready to accept the Cristian message.

Scripture says it is a message of repentance.  Why?  Well we are all sinners and will continue to make mistakes.  Therefore, we must continually repent and convert more and more to God’s message of Love.  When we do this, great miracles will happen, hearts will be set aflame for Christ and His message.  The world, though many people devoted to God’s message, will be set aflame with the Fire of Divine Love.  Amen.