BOM Resident Spotlight: David Oderkirk

BOM Resident Spotlight: David Oderkirk

David Oderkirk is the BOM Nursing & Rehab Center’s Resident of the Month for June 2021! Get to know some fun facts about David:

David was born on August 29th, 1940 in Stafford, New York where his family owned a beef and chicken farm. David is the oldest of the three Oderkirk children, and has one sister and one brother. David and his wife are the proud parents of five children – three girls and two boys. Additionally, the Oderkirk family volunteered with “Fresh Air”, an organization which takes inner city children and pairs them with families that provide temporary homes. At one point, David and his wife’s home included their five children, along with five fresh air students!

David Oderkirk began his high school career at South Byron High. Following that four-year career, David began college at Brockport where he would go on to study Business & Math, earning a degree in each. Eventually David took over the family farm, converting it into a full dairy farm. In his late 40’s, David took a part time job with the United States Postal Service, which evolved into a full time position.

David enjoyed giving back to his local community in many ways, including becoming a member of his local fire department and helping run the Genesee County Fair. An avid gardener, David proudly ran his own produce stand for many years. He also boasts a talent in woodworking, and enjoys making piggy banks out of wood.

We here are extremely excited to announce David Oderkirk as our June resident of the Month! Congrats, David!