BOM Senior Apartments’ ‘Resident of The Month’ Margie Feldmann

Every month, residents at The Brothers of Mercy Senior Apartments nominate fellow members of the independent living community to be featured as the ‘Resident of The Month’. Honorees get to sit down with Senior Apartments Executive Director Mary Baty for a fun-filled interview, where they share stories & background info about their lives, then select at random quirky questions to answer! This month’s featured resident is Margie Feldmann! To find out what Margie would do if she ever won the lottery, and other fun facts, read on!



Interview by Mary Baty, Executive Director of BOM Independent Senior Apartments

Some may wonder why a picture of a crow sits where a picture of Margie should be.  The answer is NOT because she had a bad hair day (which may or may not be true), but because she has given me the most surprising answer, to date, of any question asked of the Resident’s of the Month.

What was the question?

If you could be any animal, what would it be?  “A crow – because next to the Chimpanzee, the Crow has the best memory in all of the animal kingdom.”

Other things I learned about Margie were just as intriguing.

Margie grew up with very strong role models in her mother, grandmother and aunts.   Her mother was the head of a household where her husband worked and she, with no running water, no telephone, no bathtub and very little money, made a home.  Margie and her sisters, all one year in age apart, and her father and mother lived in the city and survived on very little.  As many of us do after we grow up, Margie wishes she could talk with her mother, just for a little bit, to let her know she appreciates all of her struggles and hard work she endured, while remaining humble.

Margie herself was a strong mother!   She worked full time at GM for 17 years inspecting Air Conditioning units on the line while raising 4 sons and 1 daughter who have all been very good to her.

In talking with Margie, anyone who knows her knows that her love of God and her Bible are what’s most important to her life.  She shares that love with many friends; friends who took care of her laundry, groceries and even hugs during her recent flare up of Shingles. She spent three weeks in her apartment – but with her Bible, she enjoyed the solitude.

Margie’s favorite times were sitting on one of the decks of either of her son’s homes, with a glass of wine, watching the skies – one time getting to see the air show!

I asked Margie, if she were to win the lottery – what would she do with it?  Her response was true to Margie’s spirit – she would give it ALL (yes I said ALL) away to family & friends.  She is still trying to figure out why God is still keeping her around, but she knows it has nothing to do with money!


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