Brothers of Mercy Outpatient Therapy Clinic launches quarterly “Wellness Clinic”

Brothers of Mercy Outpatient Therapy Clinic launches quarterly “Wellness Clinic”


Last quarter the therapists at Brothers of Mercy’s Outpatient Clinic offered a free “Wellness Clinic” for residents at BOM’s Montabaur Heights.

Therapists Jennifer Hartwig and Rachel Larson, along with OTC Director Lauren Grawe, gave a brief presentation on how common symptoms like dizziness, balance issues or back and chronic pain can be addressed.


They also took time to answer questions and perform a one-on-one balance test and walking analysis on each attendee. Each participant left with a score from the Tinetti Balance Assessment Scale, a tool which measures current risk of falls.


The therapy team also provided “device checks” to make ensure that each resident’s walker or cane was at their optimal height and performance.




This forum was beneficial for our residents to check their balance and walking abilities before the harsh winter months came upon us! We look forward to offering more of these throughout the coming months. Future topics will include demonstrations of proper use of gym equipment, stretching techniques, simple at-home exercise plans and more!


To consult with us on any questions related to health, wellness and how therapy may help you, please visit  or call (716)759-7680

Be sure to stay tuned for more Wellness Updates from the Brothers of Mercy Outpatient Therapy Clinic, and Happy “TherapyThursday!!