Brothers of Mercy Resident shares on many Well-Lived Years spent at Wellness Campus

Brothers of Mercy Resident shares on many Well-Lived Years spent at Wellness Campus

Resident Spotlight: Don Anger

Don Anger has lived at the Brothers of Mercy Senior Apartments for 7 years. Here he shares some of his experiences throughout the years with the Brothers of Mercy Wellness Campus:

Some background on Don: Born and raised in Black Rock, NY, Don graduated from Bishop Fallon High School and married his wife Sandra in 1961, after a few years of dating. Together they raised their three children in Alden, NY, eventually welcoming eight grandchildren and 1 great grandchild. A seasoned auto industry businessman, Don retired in the early 2000’s to spend more time with Sandra and his family.

Don’s affiliation with the Brothers of Mercy Wellness Campus began in the 1980’s, when his mother became a long-term care resident at the nursing home. He fondly remembers his mother receiving “such wonderful care” and enjoying her time spent on campus and as a member of the Brothers of Mercy Women’s Guild. When the time came to find a nursing home for Sandra, who had suffered a stroke, there was no other place he considered. Don recalls, “I said, we’re only going to one place – Brothers of Mercy!” After about a year or so of making daily visits to the nursing home, Don decided to move into the Senior Apartments, to be closer to his beloved wife. He considers this one of the best decisions he ever made, recalling,

The Brothers of Mercy Senior Apartments, where Don has resided for the past 7 years

The Brothers of Mercy Senior Apartments, where Don has resided for the past 7 years

 “We shared many good years here living on campus”

For the next seven years, Don & Sandra enjoyed dinner parties, watching television together, sitting on the patio, and more; always mindful of their time together and thankful to be connected by the “Eden Pathway”, which adjoins the BOM Skilled Nursing Center and Senior Apartments. According to Don, the nursing home staff became like family. One CNA shared such a special connection with them, that they considered her to be as close as a granddaughter.

 “I can’t say enough nice things about the nurses and CNA’s at the nursing home!”

When Don was in need of rehabilitation at the nursing home, he was warmly welcomed by many of the same team members who administered his wife’s care, recalling that “even the food service workers who would pour my coffee everyday remembered me!” 

Don & friends at a Brothers of Mercy Campus Event

Don & friends at a Brothers of Mercy Campus Event

Today Don is a very active member of the Senior Apartments community, citing his apartment’s scenic nature views, the socialization (“They have birthday parties, and coffee hours!”), and making new friends, as some of his favorite aspects. Reuniting with old friends makes the cut as well; upon arrival, Don promptly ran into an old childhood friend from Riverside, whom he had not seen in almost 40 years!

He has also enjoyed many memories with the Brothers themselves: “Br. Fidelis’ visits at the Nursing Home; celebrating with Br. Xavier at his 70th commemoration; and Br. Nolasco – what a super guy! I used to always sit with him at 3 o’clock mass – we were pew mates!”

Additionally, Don dedicates much of his time to his family, enjoying lunch and dinner outings with them, along with frequent visits from his grandson Joe, a member of the Brothers of Mercy team.  Don reminisces that as a small boy, Joe used to sit on his lap when he would cut the lawn…“now he’s the one doing that these days,” referring to Joe’s position as Director of Maintenance Services at the Senior Apartments.

 An avid spokesperson and advocate for the campus, Don has even convinced a friend of the family to move here. He notes,

“You’ve gotta make decisions based on what’s best for you at the time, because we all reach a point in our lives where things don’t go how we expect.  Here at Brothers, I’ve had all good experiences. Since going through rehab, I get everything done here…Linda cuts my hair, I can go to mass here on Sunday, attend more functions… I appreciate all of that now. It’s the right fit for me!”

When asked of any advice he would give to a new resident, his reply is simple:

“If you get involved, come to the activities and get to know the people here, you can definitely build a fine social life…

You’ll be happy here!”

To learn more about living a the Brothers of Mercy Senior Apartments, call 716-759-2122 or visit: