by | Jul 8, 2024 | Brothers of Mercy

   What is the action that Jesus does most in his ministry?  It seems to be healing.  Jesus is healing all the time!  in fact, in scripture Jesus heals everyone that approaches Him for healing.  The only people He doesn’t heal are those who don’t have faith.  Why are so many people healed?  My theory is that Jesus is Heaven Incarnate.  What do I mean by that?

Well, what is the greatest part of Heaven?  The greatest part and the “essence” of Heaven is God.  No one can argue with that, and God is Infinite Love.  Jesus is God and both Love and Heaven Incarnate!  In Heaven there will be no more sickness, pain or sin.  It will be amazing!  When God came to earth in human form as Jesus, Heaven came to Earth and when Heaven and Earth collide, it is Earth that must be transformed.  This is why all those who touch the hem of Jesus’ garment are healed.  It is because they are touching Heaven itself where all sin, sickness, and pain will be absent.  The one requirement is faith.

When you think about it, every prayer is for healing.  Even thanksgiving helps to heal us because we appreciate all God has done for us and this gives us new confidence.  The most important prayer is for spiritual healing, but then there is physical healing, psychological healing, and communal healing.

Before I close out this reflection, why are so many people not healed?  Well, even in Jesus’ time I’m sure many good people never encountered Him and were never healed, not because they did anything wrong, but because God wanted to heal them in the greatest way, the cross.   When we suffer, we get the chance to be a mini-Jesus on the cross.  Jesus saved us from sin by dying on the cross and many souls can be saved through our sufferings offered up through Jesus.

When it seems like we are suffering and God is not there, He is, and this “seeming absence” makes us hunger more and more for Him and therefore grow in holiness.  No one likes the cross.  Even Jesus sweat blood in the agony of the garden before his suffering.  Yet, through the cross, Jesus is forming us into beautiful, glistening diamonds.  In conclusion, with faith, let us thank God for the healing that He always gives us.  It might not be the kind of healing we think we want but even if it is the cross, it is the greatest healing.  Jesus loves us so much.  If we knew how much, we would die of joy.  Amen.