Healthcare Hero Spotlight: Jacki Botticelli, NP

Brothers of Mercy is proud to partner with Independent Health and Family Choice of NY. These teams provide extra care for assisted living or nursing facility residents who choose to participate in Independent Health’s Medicare Family Choice® HMO I­SNP plan.

Family Choice recently featured a spotlight on Jacki Botticelli, a Nurse Practitioner who partners extensively with the Brothers of Mercy Nursing & Rehab team, residents and their families. Here are a few fun facts about Jacki:

Jacki Botticelli, Nurse Practitioner & Advanced Practice Provider at Family Choice of New York since 2005.          

As the Advanced Practice Provider (APP), I coordinate the care delivered to the member.  I conduct
assessments, plans interventions, and write orders for needed services.  I communicate regularly
with the Brothers of Mercy Staff and Dr. Margaret Eberl (PCP).  I contact the member’s family,
caregiver, or representative at least once per month and whenever there is a significant change
in the member’s condition.  An APP is on call 24/7 to respond to the member’s care needs.

            FUN FACTS:
I have raised my grandchildren.  I have a Black Belt in Karate and am currently taking a class
in Tai Chi.  I love to drive around in my 1980 Corvette.

             I love working with Family Choice Staff and our members.  I have met some very interesting people
in their twilight years.

Thank you, Jacki, for all you do to make a difference as a Healthcare Hero!! Brothers of Mercy is proud to call you a member of our team!