Meet Adam Moninski, Resident at Sacred Heart Home

by | Jun 24, 2024 | Brothers of Mercy

Where did you grow up? Buffalo

What was your hometown before coming to Sacred Heart Home? Buffalo

Do you still have family members or relatives in Western New York? No

What activities do you enjoy doing? Exercise, bingo, watching movies, sitting outside in the sun, going to mass and rosary

Have you gotten to know some of your fellow resident really well over the years? Yes, some residents who I share a dining room with

In what ways does the staff help you out on a daily basis?
They help with clothes, meals, give me things to do, help me around the building

What is your favorite part about living at Sacred Heart Home?
The staff that helps me out constantly.

Do you have a favorite memory from your years here on campus?
I like to sit out on the patio during the summer.

What would you say about the quality of care and comfort you experience at Sacred Heart Home if a local family asked you about it and they were considering having a loved one come here for Assisted Living or Memory Care?
You would be well taken care of

How would you describe Sacred Heart Home? Big, with people around to help

What is your life motto?
Try to stay happy, try to have friends, and try to stay active. Talk nice and be nice.