Superbowl Champions

Superbowl Champions

By Renee Villa, Campus Director of Spiritual Care at BOM

“Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.” ~Mother Teresa 

 A champion is a person who has defeated or surpassed all rivals in a competition. It is someone who fights or argues for a cause on behalf of someone else. Synonyms include advocate, protector, winner, and victor.  Who are our modern day champions? Two categories come to mind: Our residents and our staff. Who is the opponent? COVID, the invisible but formidable  opponent.

For most of us, this is the first time we are living through a pandemic.

Pandemic– a disease that is prevalent throughout the world, from the Latin for all people. That means we are all affected. Take a moment to really soak in the reality of the term Pandemic.

Because this is something extreme and a first time experience, the current regulations are obsolete. This is new and challenging territory. In a competition, one studies their opponents and adjusts the defense in order to win. Implementing this strategy is a monumental task, given that we are working with the entire planet. Our priority is the safety of the most vulnerable people, our residents. Most times keeping safe comes with inconvenience and frustration for all involved.  These are challenging yet exciting times. We have witnessed the worst but also the best in people. At times like these, small kindnesses mean a great deal. It is at times like this we can glean what is truly important in life.

Our residents are someone’s mother, uncle, sister or cousin. Staff and family members are frustrated that they cannot care the way they would like to.  Our residents spend most of their waking hours with our staff. They too, are our family. We accompany them through their daily routines, as well as their joys and sorrows. We miss them as they transition to greater levels of care. We cry at their final farewell.

As a family member, it is always a heart wrenching decision to place a loved one in an adult home. There is a tremendous sense of loss because the person is no longer able to live as independently as before. Emotions run high and far beyond the normal threshold because of the pandemic. However, it is so important to remember to appreciate what we do have. A loving family, a caring staff, a safe place to live. Visitation may be challenging, but being alone in the community would also have been a grim alternative.

In a championship there is always a prize. The reward is the satisfaction of being able to serve our residents carrying out each task with great care and love. The goal is to persevere for the long game. Peace.

“Well done… good servant. You have been faithful over a little… Enter into the joy of your master.” ~Matthew 25:21