New Year’s Resolutions Reflection by Renee Villa

A Spiritual Reflection of New Years Resolutions

By Renee Villa, Campus Director of Spiritual Care 

In past years on New Year’s Eve, I would pledge to lose weight or control my anger.  As I left a gathering after midnight, I found that my car was frozen; I would lose my temper and break my resolution less than an hour after I pledged it. (The weight speaks for itself.) 

I’ve since used this quote from scripture as a guide for a virtue that I hoped to grow in for the upcoming year as this was more manageable.

I also found “forgiveness” was the key to unlocking these virtues.

“Forgiveness doesn’t excuse a behavior. Forgiveness prevents a behavior from destroying your heart.” –Anonymous


“Nothing ever goes away until it teaches us what we need to know.” –Little Prince


 “Forgiveness is giving up the hope of a better past.” –Jack Kornfield


“The only way you can learn what forgiveness means is by receiving it and by giving it.” –Renée villa


“If one has a grievance against another: as the Lord has forgiven you so must you also do. And over all these put on love…And let the peace of Christ control your hearts..” –Colossians 3: 13


Have a Blessed New Year!!