October is National Physical Therapy Month!

October is National Physical Therapy Month!

This article is written in collaboration with Lauren Grawe, PT, DPT; Director of Outpatient Rehab Services

Here at Brothers of Mercy, we offer Physical Therapy in both Inpatient and Outpatient settings.

BOM's talented Physical Therapy Team

BOM’s talented Physical Therapy Team

Quick Stats:

-Pioneers in Therapy: The Brothers dedicated their lives to developing life-changing, restorative therapies for their patients in the 60’s & 70’s

– 1st freestanding Inpatient Therapy Facility in the region!

-Specializing in sports injuries, we are one of the few clinics to offer custom orthoses

-Currently ranked within the top 16 largest PT programs in the entire region



What exactly is Physical Therapy?

The goal of Inpatient Physical Therapy is to assist an individual in achieving the highest level of independence, so they can transition into an appropriate level of care (ex. their home, assisted living, independent living, or skilled nursing).

During a stay at BOM, each patient and members of our talented PT team focus on:

  • The easiest and safest ways to get into/out of bed or a vehicle
  • Enhancing balance in sitting/standing positions (to minimize risk of falls)
  • Proper techniques for safe use of adaptive devices (ex. walkers or canes)
  • Maintaining strength and range of motion (ROM) gains through an individualized home exercise program (upon discharge)
  • Providing family training in anticipation for discharge to home, including how to safely assist a loved one with walking, transferring, etc.


The goal of Outpatient Physical Therapy is to achieve an optimal level of function in order to live your best life!

The PT programs offered at our Outpatient Therapy Clinic are for patients who don’t need an extended, inpatient rehab stay at BOM’ skilled nursing facility. With these programs, you remain at home and come to the clinic for your therapy appointments. 

 During Outpatient therapy appointments, each patient and members of our talented PT team focus on:

  • Decreasing complaints of pain through the use of modalities, soft tissue or joint mobilizations
  • Implementing a progressive exercise program
  • Addressing postural deficits and enhancing standing balance
  • Improving endurance with cardiovascular exercises and a home exercise program
  • Minimizing complaints of dizziness through vestibular ocular exercises
  • Educating on proper body mechanics to minimize re-injury at the workplace or during sports


According to Lauren Grawe, PT, DPT and Director of Outpatient Rehab Services,

“Physical therapy is such a rewarding career on so many levels. There are a variety of settings to work in which offer so many different opportunities to impact patients’ lives. Throughout my career, I have worked in skilled nursing facilities, assisted living facilities, continuing care retirement communities, and of course, outpatient. Each setting allows a physical therapist to use a different set of skills to assist our patients in achieving goals…

Helping someone to walk again will change the course of the rest of their life, and each patient’s individual successes leave a small imprint on your heart!”

Members of the PT team volunteered at the "Wellness Tent" at BOM's Oktoberfest 5K Race, offering massages and post-race stretches to runners.

Members of the PT team volunteered at the “Wellness Tent” at BOM’s Oktoberfest 5K Race, offering massages and post-race stretches to runners.

On a daily basis, BOM’s inpatient and outpatient PT teams exude passion, patience and dedication, demonstrating that to them, this is truly a vocation, and not “just a job.”

The Brothers of Mercy Wellness Campus, as well as all of our residents and patients, are very blessed to benefit from their dedicated service! To all of our team members working in the PT departments, Happy National Physical Therapy Month!