Outpatient Rehab Clinic Client of the Month ~ Alvina Cometto

by | May 31, 2024 | Brothers of Mercy, Centennial Celebration

Q: How did you hear about our clinic?
My son and daughter-in-law used your services first. When I was injured in 2019, I thought I would come to you as well.

Q: What made you choose The Brothers of Mercy for your outpatient therapy needs?
It is close to home and I’ve always had ties to Brothers. There was an ad in the paper in the ‘70s for a position at Sacred Heart Home so I wrote a letter to The Brothers. Brother Hugh hired me as an accounting clerk. In 1974, he made me interim Administrator for the building while the Brothers traveled to Germany. It worked out well so I transitioned to that position full time. However, due to state regulations, I needed at least 5 years of experience to hold that position so someone else took over until I met the standard. I was Administrator for 17 years.

Q: Have you ever needed therapy services in the past? If yes, how has your experience been different at this clinic?
I have been to therapy at a few other locations. The difference is that I just feel at home at The Brothers of Mercy. I like the therapist’s positive attitude and how patient you are.

Q: What advice would you give to someone who is unsure about starting a therapy program?
“It can’t hurt to try something new.” 

In a few words, how would you sum up your overall impression of the clinic’s atmosphere, the quality of therapy services you have received and the expertise of the staff?
Friendly, positive and patient

*Fun fact: Alvina’s granddaughter in law, Sara, painted the beautiful rainbow mural located behind the clinic!