Pfizer Vaccine Administered to Hundreds at Brothers of Mercy Wellness Campus

Pfizer Vaccine Administered to Hundreds at Brothers of Mercy Wellness Campus

The week of January 6, 2021 marked a turning point for Western New York’s largest senior living community, as Brothers of Mercy began administering long-awaited doses of  Covid-19 vaccines to hundreds of residents and staff.

Under the federal vaccine administration program, CVS pharmacist partners will administer shots of the Pfizer vaccine to Brothers of Mercy staff, nearly 100% of Assisted Living and Memory Care residents, and over 90% of Nursing & Rehab Center patients throughout a series of multiple vaccine clinics scheduled through February. “We’re thrilled with the (participation) numbers…it’s tremendous,” states BOM Administrator Teresa Dillsworth.

We’ve been fighting this virus like everyone else since March, and it’s been a long, hard road. Our residents have been right there fighting with us, and we’re thankful and hoping that this vaccine signifies the end of the virus.”

Like all senior care facilities throughout the state, Covid-19 safety precautions have restricted visitor access at Brothers of Mercy Campus, making it challenging for residents to stay connected to families and loves ones. According to Brothers of Mercy CEO Peter Eimer, who believes the vaccine is the most essential tool for getting past the pandemic,

“This represents the beginning of the end of Covid, and helps us look forward to the time when friends and families can visit and hug their loved ones again.”


Brothers of Mercy is also partnering with KSL Diagnostics to offer vaccine recipients the unique opportunity to participate in an Antibody Response Research Study. This program is designed to track a person’s response to the vaccine and mark the progression of antibody development. Participants receive NYSDOH-approved tests for measurement of antibodies to spike proteins before, throughout and after the vaccination process in order to track their signature immune response to the vaccine. BOM is excited to be participating in these efforts, which will play a critical role in the evaluation of vaccine response and efficacy throughout the country.

From the perspective of most all residents at Brothers of Mercy, the vaccine marks the beginning of an exciting and hopeful time. President of BOM’s Resident Council, Barb Bonnell, remarks:

“I’m ready for the vaccine. People like me lived through the polio epidemic. We would have never eradicated polio if it wasn’t for our parents stepping forward and taking little kids like me to get vaccinated. It was the unknown, but they had enough faith to trust science and trust the vaccine. This is how we stop Covid-19.”





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