Brothers of Mercy Resident Spotlight: Ann Roberson

Brothers of Mercy Resident Spotlight: Ann Roberson

Resident Spotlight: Ann Roberson

By Mary Baty, Executive Director Brothers of Mercy Senior Apartments

This 4th of July, BOM Senior Apartments resident Ann Roberson, along with her family, hosted a wonderful BBQ for all of the residents that call this community home!

Having been a Senior Apartments resident for the past 8 years, Ann is considered by all to be a sincere treasure to this community. Until recently, Ann has been our cook and ‘baker extraordinaire’ for all of the community functions.  Her delicacies have graced the tables of our dinner parties, coffee hours and food-centered events. If residents knew that Ann’s lemon pie, pineapple cheesecake, or famous turnovers were on the menu, attendance was always at full capacity!

Throughout the years, she has donated not only her talent and immeasurable time, but has also stocked the kitchen with utensils, appliances and all sorts of gadgets and gizmos. Her countless hours of planning, set up, cooking, baking, and cleanup have made her the “go to” for our community kitchen!

It’s now time for Ann to retire, sit back and enjoy the functions she has previously worked so hard to create. Since this is not an easy task for Ann, she can lately be found in the back ground, guiding and lending her knowledge to those brave enough to try and step in, as she is leaving big shoes to fill!

Ann’s dedication and generosity have been felt and appreciated by all members of the BOM family here at the Senior Apartments, and we thank her for being such a special part of this community!