September 2020 Spiritual Reflection

September 2020 Spiritual Reflection

September 2020 Spiritual Reflection:

“Same Old, Same Old”

By Renee Villa, Campus Director of Spiritual Care 

“There is Nothing New Under the Sun.” Ecclesiastes 1:9

Many of the stories of healing in the bible reveal that those who were in need of healing cried out to Jesus from outside the crowds of people that would surround him. Some people, like the blind man named Bartimaeus, cried out for his own healing. At other times, the people who approached Jesus were asking for the healing of someone else…a daughter, a friend.

Oftentimes, Jesus was on his way to a certain destination when his journey was interrupted by these outcries.Yet these unexpected encounters provided a teaching moment to all of those who surrounded Jesus, particularly his disciples.

These unexpected healings gave witness to the great faith of those who asked.

At other times, a healing revealed the expansion of a ministry that began with the House of Israel and grew to be inclusive of all. Proof of this is that today, we are still witnesses to God at work in our lives.

Every day no doubt, we have plans for what we would like to accomplish. We all have certain duties to perform, schedules to follow. Each day someone asks “How are you?”… to which the reply is, “Same old, same old.”

We must consider that if we stick rigidly to a schedule, there may be no room for an unexpected encounter to enter our lives. The unexpected can bring joy as well as sorrow. But if our focus remains solely on a specific goal, we eliminate the possibility of healing and growth for ourselves and those around us.

Each moment offers something new if we have eyes to see.

Interruptions are actually part of the plan…

Something to think about. 

Peace, Renee