Volunteer Services

Adding to the quality of life for our residents and patients

The Volunteer Services Program

The Brothers of Mercy volunteer program provides an extra dimension of comfort and happiness to our residents and patients. Volunteers play an important role in many different areas and bring a variety of talents and skills to our wellness campus though the program.

As a volunteer, you will add to the quality of life of our residents and patients by assisting in a wide variety of volunteer assignments available.

Volunteers may help directly with residents and patients:

• In the Activities Department
• Therapy transport (In-house)
• Spiritual Care Department
• Friendly Visitor
• U.S. Mail Delivery
• Gift Shop
• Sewing
• Clerical Duties
• A Variety of Miscellaneous Tasks

A scheduled orientation is provided to each potential volunteer. For more information, please call our Volunteer Coordinator, Valerie Sonnenfeld at (716) 759-7617