Spiritual Care

Providing Spiritual Care & Counseling in Western New York

The Brothers of Mercy Can Take Care of Your Spiritual Needs

   As part of our mission, The Brothers of Mercy Wellness Campus is committed to the pursuit of excellence by providing a supportive, compassionate and healing environment for those we are privileged to serve. Part of that mission includes spiritual care. We provide spiritual counseling, facilitate services, distribute Eucharist and are always available to comfort and support our residents.   
   We also celebrate mass at Sacred Heart Home in our beautiful chapel and have services at Montabaur Heights independent living community.

Mass & Comnmunion Services for Our Campus Residents:

Nursing Home (Broadcast on Channel 97)

Tuesday – 9:30 a.m. Mass
Sunday – Friday – Distribution of Holy Communion

 – Sacred Heart Home

Wednesday – 11 a.m. Mass
Sunday- 9:30 a.m. Mass

– Montabaur Heights

Wednesday – 11 a.m. Communion Services
Thursday – 11 a.m. Mass
Saturday- 2 p.m. Mass
Sunday – Bus Service for 10:30am Mass at Our Lady of Peace

 – Trier Woods Independent Living Apartments

Wednesday – 11 a.m.- Communion Service
Fridays – 9:30 a.m. Mass (except for 1st Friday of month)
Sunday- Bus Service for 10:30 a.m. Mass at Our Lady of Peace

(Current offerings for attendance by residents only)

Fr. Tom Roman, June Homily:

(This concept is C. S. Lewis,’ though creatively adapted). 

Satan needed to hire a devil to be second in command and there were three devils vying for the spot.  He asked them a question to test their ability.  “What would you do to bring about the destruction of souls?”

The first devil approached Satan and said, “I would tell them to suck all the marrow out of life and live life to the fullest.  Don’t worry about the right or wrong.  Eh!  Let that stuff take care of itself.”

Satan only grimaced and lowered his heavy countenance to the ground.  “This will never work.  When people compare a life of pleasure followed by an eternity of Hell, to a life with a cross followed by an eternity of Heavenly bliss, surely, they will opt for the second.”  And all the devils waved their great pitchforks in the air, and they laughed him to scorn.

Now the second devil approached Satan and said.  “I will tell them that there is no God, so sin all you want and live it up while you still can.”  Satan smiled a half smile and a glimmer of fire sparkled in his eye.  “This is better, but this will not work either.  When people compare the possibility of a life with pleasure followed by an eternity of nothing, to the possibility of a life with a cross followed by an eternity of Heavenly bliss, surely, they will hope for the second.  After all, what do they have to lose if they’re wrong?  An eternity of nothing!”  and Satan bellowed a deep James Earl Jones laugh and all the devils waved their great pitchforks in the air, even higher than before, and they laughed him to scorn.

Now the third devil approached Satan and his knees were a bit trembly.  He saw what happened to the other devils.  He stuttered.  “I . . . I . . .  wwould tell them th . . . they can be a ssaint.  Th . . . they can be holy . . . but they don’t have to do it today, th . . . they can do it tomorrow!”

This time, Satan smiled a deep, wide grin.  “Brilliant, my son! There is always tomorrow!  You are hired.”  And the fiery realm of Hell howled with delight.

Isn’t this the greatest temptation?  For us to put off what we should do today for tomorrow?  Although we should trust in God’s mercy and forgiveness, we should fear complacency. We don’t know how much time we have.

Showing Mercy

   The word “mercy” is defined as kindness or compassion that is shown to others. A merciful relationship provides protection, provision, and presence. At Brothers of Mercy, it is our hope to reveal the healing love of Jesus to those in need by attending to both physical and spiritual needs. 
   Spiritual care can help a person (re)discover hope, resilience and inner strength in times of illness, injury, transition, and loss. Spiritual care attends to a person’s spiritual or religious needs as they seek to heal physically and emotionally and thus regain a sense of well being.
   By providing spiritual support, mercy and compassion are manifested not simply as a consoling message but in practical help.

2024 Prayer Intentions of The Holy Father

The Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network’s list of prayer intentions set by Pope Francis for 2024:

June: For Those Fleeing Their Country 

Pope Francis dedicates June to praying “for migrants fleeing wars or hunger, forced into journeys full of danger and violence, to find acceptance and new life opportunities in their host countries.”

July: For Pastoral Care of the Sick 

The Holy Father asks “for the sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick to give strength from the Lord to those who receive it and their loved ones, becoming a visible sign of compassion and hope for everyone.”

August: For Political Leaders 

Pope Francis invites prayers “so that political leaders may serve their people, work for comprehensive human development and the common good, attending to those who have lost their jobs and prioritizing the poorest.”

September: For the Cry of the Earth 

“Let us pray that each of us hears with the heart the cry of the Earth and victims of natural disasters and climate change, personally committing to care for the world we inhabit.”

October: For a Shared Mission 

Pope Francis asks for prayers so that the Church “continues to support a synodal way of life, under the sign of co-responsibility, promoting participation, communion, and shared mission among priests, religious, and laypeople.”

November: For Parents Who Have Lost a Child

 “Let us pray that all parents mourning the death of a child find support in the community and receive heart’s peace from the consoling Spirit.”

December: For Pilgrims of Hope 

Pope Francis requests this month’s prayers “so that this Jubilee strengthens us in faith, helps us recognize Christ risen in our lives, and transforms us into pilgrims of Christian hope.”