The Brothers of Mercy take care of your Spiritual Needs
As part of our mission, the Brothers of Mercy are committed to the pursuit of excellence by providing a supportive, compassionate and healing environment for those we are privileged to serve. Part of that mission includes spiritual care. We provide spiritual counseling, facilitate services, distribute Eucharist and are always available to comfort and support our residents. We also celebrate mass at The Sacred Heart Home at our beautiful chapel and have services at Montabaur Heights our independent senior living complex.

Mass Schedule
Saturday 3:00pm – Nursing & Rehab Center
Saturday 4:00pm – Montabaur Heights
Sunday 9:30 am – Sacred Heart Home

Monday and Thursday & 9:30 am (Rosary), 10:00 am (Catholic Communion Service) – Nursing & Rehab Center

Monday 9:30 Catholic Communion Service Sacred Heart Home
Tuesday thru Friday 9:30 am Catholic Mass – Sacred Heart Home

Wednesday 2 pm – Non-denominational service – Nursing & Rehab Center

Showing Mercy
The word “mercy” is defined as kindness or compassion that is shown to others. A merciful relationship provides protection, provision, and presence. At Brothers of Mercy, it is our hope to reveal the healing love of Jesus to those in need by attending to both physical and spiritual needs.  Spiritual care can help a person (re)discover hope, resilience and inner strength in times of illness, injury, transition, and loss. Spiritual care attends to a person’s spiritual or religious needs as they seek to heal physically and emotionally and thus regain a sense of well being. By providing spiritual support, mercy and compassion are manifested not simply as a consoling message but in practical help.