Father Tom’s May Reflection ~ The Soul

by | May 1, 2024 | Brothers of Mercy

The Soul

   We think we know ourselves, yet most of us admit we don’t know much about let’s say . . . computers.  When you look at the inside of a computer, it’s made up of tiny instrumentation, yet in a few seconds, you can connect with somebody on the opposite side of the globe.  Amazing!  Computers are such mysteries.

   Yet, when you think about it, who created a computer?  A person or a group of persons.  Yet who created you?  God.  So how much more are you a mystery, a wonder to behold than the most advanced computer ever made.  Yet you might think you pretty much know myself.  Do you?  Do you know how many hairs are on your head?  Do you know how many cells are in your body?  Do you know the intricacies of your wounded heart?  God does and a million other things besides.  God created you so God believes in you.  Believe in yourself.  Be amazing.

   St. Thomas said that collectively we are like a prism.  When we are interiorly pure and the Light, which is God, is shining through us, we are refracted into a multiplicity of color.  Each of us a unique and brilliant hue, topaz, teal or crimson, each called to shine like no other.  Besides the image of light, we are called to be salt.  When I think of salt, it brings out the flavor in food.  It defines it or makes it more distinct.  On the other hand, you can use too much salt right?  Then you lose the taste.  If I encounter bland food, I just put hot sauce on it and all I can taste is hot sauce.  Great!  But salt I believe, is symbolic of having resolve.  We need to have resolve in what we believe.

   The Church is human and has made grave historical mistakes.  Yet, still, there is a Divine side to the Church.  Jesus said the gates of Hell would not prevail against the Church.  The Holy Spirit is alive in a powerful way through the Church, which is the People of God, not just the hierarchy, through charity organizations, efforts for peace and justice.  Also, the Church expounds the fullness of the Truth through Sacred Dogmas.  We experience the Rock of Christ through the Church in greater clarity.  Be willing to die for your faith and for God who is Infinite Love. Beauty Incarnate.  Be willing to die for another person who is a unique hue shining from the Light Who is the Divine Intellect.  In conclusion, God made you and believes in you.  Now comes the hard part, believe in yourself!  You are called to be beautiful.  Be the salt of the earth.  Be a light that shines.