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Assisted Living & Memory Care

Home Comforts, IndividualizeD Enrichment & Dedicated Care  for Residents with Dementia & Alzheimer’s Disease

Families Share Their Experiences:

“Thank you for all you did to care not only for my dad, but for supporting me in caring for my dad while he was there at Sacred Heart Home! I never doubted that my dad was receiving the best care possible in the best place outside of his home. Your overall care for every resident was very evident!” — Karen, Amherst

“Thank you for the lovely dedication of the salon for our wife and mother. We really enjoyed seeing everyone and sharing memories of her time living at Sacred Heart Home. It also made my dad more comfortable with the idea that he may need to live at Sacred Heart Home one day. Thank you for the opportunity to celebrate her life in such a special way.” — Frank, Elizabeth & Margaret, Clarence

The “Wellness Neighborhood” Community Design

   The Brothers of Mercy 5-Star Wellness Campus is your best choice for    Assisted Living, Enhanced Assisted Living & Memory Care. Our innovative community is composed of six “Wellness Neighborhoods” designed to feel like private residences.
   Each neighborhood is home to 16 residents only. Every neighborhood includes its own living and dining spaces, country kitchen, fireside lounge and patio or secured courtyard. Unlike traditional assisted living & memory care facilities, our Wellness Neighborhoods are designed to evoke the same feeling and experience you get from living at home!

Receive a Consultation for Living in Our Community:

   Choosing the right facility for you or a family member can seem daunting. Let our team show you the comfortable Assisted Living and Memory Care communities on our wellness campus. We can help you ease your mind during the decision-making process.
   For information on our Memory Care and Enhanced Assisted Living communities, contact Mindee McDonald at (716) 759-2644 ext. 351 or email
   We are proud to be a top-rated Assisted Living & Memory Care facility that serves all of Western New York and wish to  help you transition into this next chapter of life! 

Features & Benefits of Our Assisted Living & Memory Care:

  • Combined comfort of private rooms and bathrooms with warm & personal shared common spaces
  • Circadian rhythm lighting that helps provide comfort for residents with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease
  • Dutch Doors for comfort, visibility and staff observation
  • Direct access to the outdoors
  • Family-like atmosphere: Familial, social experiences are nurtured over shared meals and activities in  common living & dining spaces
  • Individualized enrichment programs: We encourage personal growth and enable residents to continue to pursue interests and passions
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About Our Stellar Enrichment Program:

At Sacred Heart Home, we take a person-centered approach when caring and serving our residents. We get to know each individual’s wants, needs, likes and dislikes, and then customize our services towards their preferences.

In our Memory Care Wellness Neighborhoods, we take it a step further with our unique Stellar Program that groups residents based on their cognitive level to engage their remaining abilities and maintain dignity during enrichment programming.

Residents will receive a cognitive assessment during their stay, which allows us to categorize them as either a Sun, Moon or Star. The Suns are our residents with the highest cognitive functioning, the Moons are the medium, and the Stars are the lower level of cognitive functioning.

We have found this program brings an intimate, wholesome and enriching environment to activities where we can engage the residents in the activities presented that are altered to their Stellar Program level.