Occupational Therapy

Helping Patients Improve the Skills of Daily Life

What is Outpatient Occupational Therapy?

Outpatient occupational therapy is care that aims to refine and optimize fine-motor skills and dexterity in patients, so they can get back to doing what they love.

BOM’s occupational therapists help to ease pain in patients, fine-tune their strength, balance, and range of motion skills, and optimize their efficiency of movement.

Who Benefits from Outpatient Occupational Therapy?

The OT programs offered at the Outpatient Therapy Clinic are for patients who don’t need an extended, inpatient rehabilitation stay at the BOM Skilled Nursing Center. With Outpatient OT, you remain at home and come to the clinic for your therapy appointments.

People who have suffered a stroke, hand or upper extremity injuries, or visual field deficits can refine and optimize their efficiency of movement and compensatory strategies with BOM’s customized programs.

BOM’s outpatient occupational therapy program specializes in:
• Acute injuries
• Neurological deficits and stroke
• Chronic pain management
• Low vision treatment
• Work‐related injuries

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