Assisted Living and

Memory Care

Assisted Living and Memory Care in Buffalo, NY

In an ongoing effort to offer leading edge senior services, the Brothers of Mercy 5-Star campus is now offering Assisted Living, Enhanced Assisted Living and Memory Care.

This innovative new community is composed of 6 “Wellness Neighborhoods” designed to feel like private residences. Each neighborhood is home to 16 residents and includes its own living and dining spaces, country kitchen, fireside lounge and patio or secured courtyard. Unlike traditional Assisted Living & Memory Care facilities, our Wellness Neighborhoods are designed to evoke the same feeling AND experience you get from living in a real home!

Signature Features of Assisted Living Include:

• The combined comfort of private rooms and bathrooms with warm & personal shared common spaces, plus direct access to the outdoors.

• Family-like atmosphere: Familial, social experiences are nurtured over shared meals and activities in the common living & dining spaces.

• Flexible environment of care: Residents live on their own terms, according to their personal preferences and natural rhythms. They determine their own schedule and how they wish to spend each day.

• Individualized Enrichment programs: Encourage personal growth and enable residents to continue to pursue their interests and passions.

Reserve your Private Room Today!

It’s never too early to reserve your private room. In fact, a number of premier rooms are already reserved. For additional information on our Memory Care and Enhanced Assisted Living Community, contact Linda Kolniak at 716 759-6985 ext 222 or email

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