Homily for Week of June 9

by | Jun 11, 2024 | Brothers of Mercy

In the first reading, we hear of the fall of humanity.  As a result, separation enters the universe, separation within, but also, separation from God.   First, there is separation between God and humanity.  This happens when man and woman doubt God’s sincerity.  They disobey, because they don’t trust God.  “The forbidden fruit must be pleasing,” they say to themselves and eat.

Before the fall, there had been unity between God and humanity and all of nature.  Though, according to the catechism, the story is metaphorical, it is true, nonetheless.  Before some kind of fall occurred, it would been amazing!  There existed a kind of unity that we can only dream of now.  Before the fall, there would have been no violence, or disease in nature. There would have been no sin in humanity.  There would have been a greater unity between God and humanity and between all things.  We can only guess what this could have been like.  Would we have had a deeper psychic connection to all things?  Cool to think about.

However, due to the fall, we are divided from God, each other, nature and even within ourselves.  Sin or Satan, is the great divider.  Yet, Jesus in the Gospels, prays that we may be one as He and the Father are one!  When Jesus comes again and establishes a new Heaven and a new Earth, there will be an even greater unity than before the fall.  Nature and humanity will be glorified.  Nature will be even more beautiful and we will have glorified bodies.  There will be a more perfect harmony between all things.

 What does this mean for us now?  Well, Jesus will bring about the Kingdom at the end of time — through us.  So, the Kingdom begins even now.  Sometimes, this starts within us. We need to have balance within: spiritually, mentally and physically — rather than division. Sin damages this harmony within ourselves, body and soul. Together, we need to fight prejudice and strive for unity with all humanity.  Those who are different, in a beautiful way, help to complete us and we them.  We need to strive to protect nature which is meant to benefit us and we it. This will bring about a greater unity between us and nature.  We need to strive for unity with God who speaks to us all the time in multiple forms as a gentle whisper.  Let us strive for obedience to God’s will, which will bring about once again, this amazing unity at the end of time.