Lorraine Probst, Foundation Advisory Council Member, Reflects on Her Mother’s Journey in Skilled Nursing Center

by | Nov 3, 2023 | Brothers of Mercy, Centennial Celebration

Lorraine Probst is a retired clinical social worker who specialized in children and families. She has been a dedicated member of The Brothers of Mercy Advisory Council for several years. Here, she reflects on the care that her mother, Georgia, received at The Brothers of Mercy.

[Pictured above: Lorraine Probst with her daughter, Megan, and her mother, Georgia Gallo]

When it became clear after rehab that my Mom would be unable to return home, there was only one place to consider for long-term care – The Brothers of Mercy! The way we were treated at the front door carried right up to the outer corners of the fourth floor! Each and every day, we were treated and respected just like family.

Not too long after arriving, Mom was given the endearing nickname of “Gigi” by her family of loving Brothers of Mercy caregivers.

In the early days, Mom never missed an activity and had the run of the community, meeting and greeting everyone! She would often say, “We are one big happy family here…there isn’t anyone here I can say I don’t like.”

The nurses and aides who were in the trenches each and every day were vigilant in their care and attention to detail. There was not a need unnoticed or a concern that was not communicated. It was astounding the level of patience, kindness and compassion that was demonstrated daily.

During her stay with The Brothers of Mercy, Mom experienced a series of mini-strokes that altered her personality. Through it all, the staff remained steadfast in their care, always looking beyond the behaviors and continually appreciating the person they once knew.

The Brothers of Mercy caregiving team was like a family to us before and during the dwindling days of Mom’s journey. The final week was marked by staff from all areas of the building – the very ones she frequented -coming in and letting her know that she was loved.

She was surrounded by sights, sounds, smells and voices that were familiar to her. The Director of Nursing came to evaluate her and asked if I was staying. I acknowledged that I was, and she gave me a thumbs up…no words were necessary. That night, “Gigi” completed her journey.

“People will forget what you said. People will forget what you did. But people will never forget how you make them feel.”

-Maya Angelou-