Outpatient Therapy Clinic

Outpatient Therapy & Rehabilitation Clinic in WNY

The Russell J. Salvatore Outpatient Therapy Clinic is located on the 5-star Brothers of Mercy Wellness Campus, next to the Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation Center.

Open to individuals 18 years and older in the Western New York area, we specialize in geriatrics, sports injuries, neuro disorders and MORE! Offering:

What makes us Different?
One of WNY’s only clinics optimizing your healing process with these factors:
3 types of specialized therapies: One convenient location!
One-On-One sessions provide you with individualized therapy
Avoid the hospital: heal faster and return to daily activities with a custom-made orthotic splint

Suffering from any of these conditions? We can help!
Chronic Pain | Nerve Damage | Vertigo, Dizziness, Headaches | Carpel Tunnel Neck, Back & Hip Pain | Sports injuries | Sciatica | Stroke or TIA | Dysphagia TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) | Neurological Disorders | Cognition & Memory | Joint Replacement

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