Jan Eaton, Trier Woods Office Manager, Celebrates 40 Years on Campus!

by | Jan 29, 2024 | Brothers of Mercy, Centennial Celebration

Do you remember your first day of work on campus?
It was Feb. 6, 1984. I have worked in this building since that day. I had been out of work for a whole year. I submitted my application at the Nursing Home and a week later I received a call from Lenore, the original apartment administrator. I hung up the phone and said, “I have an interview for a job! But I don’t know what the job is!

What was your first position?
I came in as a Clerk and now I am the Office Manager. We were supervised by New York State Division of Housing, following HUD guidelines. The Brothers received a mortgage from HUD, and when that was paid off, HUD went away. Now we follow private housing laws. The job has changed many times over the years. Before constructing the apartments, The Brothers sent Lenore to Rochester to research what the best apartment options were to decide what they wanted to build here.

How many administrators have you worked for?
I have worked with six administrators over the years here at Trier Woods Apartments. Everything I have to do has been learned on the job. The most challenging was having to learn how to the use a computer for HUD reporting in 1994.  A resident, Mr. Pinarski, taught Lenore and myself how to use the computer. He even wrote programs for rent collection, calculating Treasury Bond dividends, etc.  He helped make my job easier. Mr. Pinarski lived here the longest, he moved in 1994 before leaving last year.

What is it like knowing Trier Woods residents for so long? 
I see people come here and age with us. They have a great chance to be social, which is so important. We offer a large variety of activities, three exercise classes, Bingo, painting class, Wii Bowling, monthly dinner social with entertainment. Residents stay here until the last minute, dragging their feet until they have to move on.  We have residents who work full time, some are retired, or semi-retired. It’s like a small village! If residents have any questions, complaints or maintenance issues, they call the office. They come to me for community services and resources that have compiled. If I don’t know something, always tried to find out for them. People are impressed with how well built our building is compared to other places they have been to.

Do you have favorite memories?
This is a busy, warm and friendly place to work. The best memories are of the residents and staff have known over the years. Every day is different. I love my job.

When started working, there were 19 Brothers. Bro Jude is unforgettable, Brother Hugh worked  here four days a week to help with office duties,  He visited residents often.  Brother Ken comes here every Friday for Mass. Brother Nalasco used to ride his bicycle around and stop to buy ice cream in our mini store. The store was discontinued because grocery items needed was too small for retailer to deliver here.

What do you like to do outside of work?
My biggest thing is going to the summer cruise nights during the week in with our 1959 Ford Galaxy. The love of my life, Pete, likes to tell people it’s almost paid for! We used to travel to New England, South Carolina and Ohio, but now our adventures are the cruise nights, car shows and Sunday drives. Also family gatherings that include card games!

What do you think the Campus could offer other people looking for career opportunities?
The Campus does offer many career opportunities, people just need to reach out to find the job that gives them satisfaction and fulfillment.