Q&A With Bonnie Tunmore, Outpatient Therapy Clinic Client

by | Jan 3, 2024 | Brothers of Mercy, Centennial Celebration

Q: What made you choose The Brothers of Mercy Outpatient Therapy Clinic for rehab?
I was against coming to any short-term rehab after my hospital stay, but it was recommended based on my condition. My neighbor, who has received care at many area facilities, told me “go to The Brothers of Mercy, they are the best.”

Q: Have you ever needed therapy services in the past?
This was my first time ever requiring therapy in my lifetime!

Q: After staying on campus for short-term rehab, what made you choose us again for outpatient therapy services?
I was familiar with the facility and knew how short the commute would be. I had such a good experience with inpatient therapy, I thought outpatient would be just as good.

Q: What were your expectations for outpatient therapy and how has your experience been different?
My goal was to continue healing with the clinic’s help, and I needed motivation to exercise because that’s not something I would normally do on my own. I envisioned a bustling environment but was pleasantly surprised by the relaxed nature of the clinic. I assume you schedule that purposefully so one therapist has one client, which only allows for a few people at a time.

Q: What advice would you give to someone who is unsure about starting an outpatient therapy program?
I would tell them to “just go for it…it is part of the progression of healing.” If nothing else, it gets you out of the house and you get to meet and interact with new people.